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Bebe Black • Bella Njoh • Jean Paul Mondo • Emile Nkangue • Martha Zambo


Koko Ateba: Taxi. 


Ndedi Dibango: It's all right, Eyeme, etc. Ndedi Eyango. Joe Mboule .


Sam Fantomas: Noah etc. Lapiro de Mbanga. Samson Hot Gar. 


Manu Dibango: Electric Makossa, Polysonic. Ekwe Silo. Mony Bile. Mama Owandja. Tom youms. Jacques Djeying. Pierre Akendengue. Pierre Claver Zeng. 

Mory Kante: Yeke Yeke, Ten Colanut, Bankero. 


Fela Kuti: ITT.


Vicky Edimo: Thank you Mama. Remy Salomon. Niboma. Great Zaiko. 


And more…


Small Country. 


Pierre Akendengue: Silence. Guy Lobe. Charlotte Mbango. Djanka Diabate. Oumou Diabate. Papa Wemba. 


Manu Dibango: Waka djudju. Thando Embalo. Dominic Kanza. Samba Mapangala. Antibalas. 


First album "Liberation Afrobeat Volume 1" and toured twice in England, all the while continuing to play throughout New York City. Recording with the group in the early days of Cameroonian drummer Jojo Kuo who can be heard on the studio recordings of "Uprising" and "Machete." 


Antibalas: Uprising: (PARTS 1 & 2) with Jojo Kuo - track details ... 


Uprising: (PARTS 1 & 2) with Jojo Quo. Antibalas. Albums featuring Uprising. Errol Daniel.


And more...


Toby Foyeh Orchestra. Martino Atangana. Bela Fleck. Richard Bona. Jean Pierre Sigue. 

And more...


Xalam. Manu Dibango. Diane Dufrene. Kotti Frannois. John Room. Misse Ngoh Francois. Joe Mboule. Lapiro de Mbanga. Ali Baba. Ekambi Brilliant. Sam Fantomas. Toto Guillaume. Grace Decca.


Manu Dibango also appeared on television with his programs Salut Manu (France 3 / 1992-1993), programs in which Jojo had collaborated actively and which his friend Noël Ekwabi alludes to in an interview 


No Kelen Kelen (Cameroonian term for "no surrounding"), was conceived at the very beginning of the opening of the Disney Animal Kingdom Amusement Park, where JoJo was the leader of the Disney African Music Group resident and in charge of the creation of special events, in 1999.


This compilation was long worked, to take into consideration the diversity and the cultural wealth of Africa; all wisely woven from the hands of master Jojo in a kind of musical tapestry. Jojo is currently working in his Music Research Lab, for the production of his next Album, and in a more Jazzy registry.